Kingston Area Patient Shuttle (KAPS)

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Kingston Area Patient Shuttle (KAPS)
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KAPS began in April 1999, and is a service intended for the transport of non emergency patients who require the use of a stretcher, or wheelchair. This service can only be accessed by sending facilities such as hospitals, and retirement homes. Private individuals cannot book transport with KAPS on their own. A detailed FAX form, must be completed by an authorized staff member, and faxed to 613-549-6318. You will be advised by phone, as to the booking confirmation, and mode of transportation being sent. KAPS is financially supported by the City of Kingston and the sending facility on a cost sharing 10/90 % arrangement. KAPS uses private contractors, who adhere to strict local guidelines, to provide the stretcher transfers. KAPS is a low cost alternative to using the Ambulance service.

Questions?: Please call 613-542-2512 and we will gladly answer questions that you may have.

Please remember: This is NOT an emergency service. For emergency service in Kingston please call 911.